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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Kimberly C. Gamble to be featured on “Real. Conspiracies with Scientific and Spiritual Solutions”

Kimberly Carter Gamble, CEO of Clear Compass Media, co-writer, director and producer of the documentary movie, “Thrive”, will be a guest on Dr. Robert Newton’s radio show, “Real Conspiracies with Scientific and Spiritual Solutions”

Voice America Talk Radio Network, internet broadcasting pioneer and industry leader, syndicating internet audio and video, announced today that Kimberly Carter Gamble, co-writer, director and producer of the documentary movie, “Thrive”, will be joining host, Dr. Robert Newton, on his radio show, “Real Conspiracies with Scientific and Spiritual Solutions” on http://www.voiceamerica.com/channel/246/voiceamerica-variety  on May 15, 2013 at 1 PM PDT.

Kimberly Carter Gamble, will be discussing her world acclaimed documentary movie, “Thrive”, and sharing the problems facing the World today and the very clear solutions that she unearthed in the process of creating “Thrive”. Kimberly will go in depth in how we have seemed to have painted ourselves into a corner as we have decimated our Earth and seemingly depleted many natural resources. During the process of the movie “Thrive”, Kimberly, her husband and many other sources revealed that in fact we can fix everything we have polluted and that we have unlimited resources to remedy these things

Kimberly worked many decades in journalism working for Newsweek International and now oversees a multi-media empire as CEO at Clear Compass Media. In only the first six months after the release of “Thrive”, support groups in over ninety countries and comprising seven hundred units started as a grass roots movement supporting this movie!

“Real Solutions with Scientific and Spiritual Solutions” airs weekly on Wednesday at 1 PM PDT, 3PM CDT and 4 PM EDT on Voice America Variety Channel. To access the show, log on to http://www.voiceamerica.com/show/2185/real-conspiracies-w.... All shows are available on Dr. Robert Newton’s Content Library on the Voice America Variety Channel, for on demand and podcast download on http://www.voiceamerica.com/show/2185/real-conspiracies-with-scientific-and-spiritual-solutions

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ABOUT Kimberly Carter Gamble: Kimberly got her start in journalism at Newsweek International, several decades ago. She later started Clear Compass Media and has acted as CEO, being involved in multi-media projects. Her latest project, “Thrive” has been seen around the world and has had over a million direct view and many ancillary views from people sharing this ground breaking movie. Kimberly is the granddaughter of a suffragette and learned early about the importance of women in changing and improving the world. Right now, Kimberly is also involved in coordinating the worldwide “Thrive” movement and is readying herself to implement the many changes on our planet that will make it a better place for the mass of humanity.

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