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VoiceAmerica Variety

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Andy Bernstein, Elizabeth Hudler and Ben Raker to Join Host Jessica Brookshire on One Word Nation

Synergixx LLC, a nationally recognized direct marketing company and producer of celebrity-hosted Internet radio broadcasts, today announced that Andy Bernstein- Executive Director of HeadCount,  Elizabeth Hudler- Advocacy Fellow at FairVote, and Ben Raker- Ambassador Program Coordinator at Vote Smart will be featured guests on “One Word Nation with Jessica Brookshire” this Monday, October 8, 2012 at 3pm EDT. The episode is “There’s no deadline on Voter Education” and it airs on VoiceAmerica Radio Network’s Variety Channel (http://www.voiceamerica.com/channel/246/voiceamerica-variety).

HeadCount is a grassroots organization that uses the power of music to register voters and raise social consciousness. HeadCount reaches young people and music fans where they already are – at concerts and online - to inform and empower. Our message is not about what party you support or where you land on an issue. It’s that you must speak to be heard. Musicians and their fans can be leaders in worldwide social movements. HeadCount is focused on harnessing that ability and translating it into real action. Their goal is to help shape policy and culture in America by galvanizing the music community into a politically influential force.

FairVote is a catalyst for reforming our elections to respect every vote and every voice through bold approaches to increase voter turnout, meaningful ballot choices and fair representation. As the national organization most focused on fundamental structural reform of American elections, FairVote acts as a traditional think tank through careful research, innovative analysis, effective educational resources and timely conferences, but also creatively engaging with leading reformers, teaching leaders and the media to turn new ideas into widely accepted policy options.

Project Vote Smart is a unique research center high in the Montana Rockies, a struggling group of Americans, who you are unlikely to know and will probably never meet, have begun a battle. A battle to protect all of us from the selfish interests that strip us of the most crucial component in our struggle to self-govern -- access to abundant, accurate, and relevant information. At Project Vote Smart, Americans young and old volunteer their time, take no money from special interest groups, and have committed themselves to an extraordinary effort that. Their idea is one you may have thought of yourself. It is a deceptively simple concept but enormously difficult to achieve and would not be possible without the collaboration of citizens willing to lay their partisan differences aside for this one crucial task.

“One Word Nation Radio with Jessica Brookshire” is a glimpse into the life of the American adolescent and those who interact with them daily. Jessica covers hot topics that our youth face every day including bullying, social networking, learning disabilities, and the unlimited exposure to aggressive marketing, negative images, and reality TV. She also talks about the challenges parents and educators face in this ever changing world.

Jessica has spoken to hundreds of thousands of students across the country about the obstacles our children face in today's world. Through K.A.R.M.A., Jessica has become the face of the One Word Nation Movement to Educate Parents, Empower Children, and Change the World - one word at a time.

Join Jessica and her on air guests every Monday at Noon Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel to get the no nonsense angle of what kids, parents, and educators face daily, and learn to protect and empower America's youth of today.
To access the show, log on at http://www.voiceamerica.com/channel/246/voiceamerica-variety. All shows will be available in Content Library on The VoiceAmerica Variety Channel for on-demand and podcast download. “One Word Nation” can be found online at http://www.onewordnation.com  and via Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/OneWordNation and on Twitter, handle @OneWordNation. For radio show inquiries, advertising / sponsorship information or other show inquiries contact Lauren Ketterman at 800-610-610-1771 x. 30.

The VoiceAmericaTM Network offers the latest conversations in a talk radio format, providing education, interaction, and advice on key issues live, on demand as well as through pod cast download. If interested in hosting a talk radio show on VoiceAmerica Network, contact Jeff Spenard, President of Internet Radio at 480-294-6417 or at jeff.spenard @ voiceamerica.com.

ABOUT Jessica Brookshire
Jessica Brookshire began competing in the Miss Alabama pageant as Miss Auburn/Opelika Area 2009, Miss Fountain City 2010 and most recently Miss Tombigbee 2011. K.A.R.M.A. was Jessica's chosen platform community service project during her involvement in Miss Alabama. Her work with K.A.R.M.A. has been widely recognized. Jessica won the coveted Catherine Crosby Community Service Award at both the 2010 and the 2011 Miss Alabama Pageants. She was also awarded the Miss America Community Service Award 2011, and previously the 2010 Miracle Maker Award for her fundraising supporting the Children's Miracle Network.

Today Jessica Brookshire is a nationally recognized expert on bullying. She founded the organization K.A.R.M.A., Kids Against Ridicule, Meanness and Aggression in 2009 to help combat bullying in schools across the nation. Jessica's crusade to end bullying has been widely recognized, winning several awards and accolades for her success. Jessica has been a guest on The Mike Huckabee Show, as well as an expert commentator on Headline News several times. As a former victim of bullying, Jessica is able to relate to students and parents alike. Along with KARMA Jessica is a founding member of ‘ONE WORD NATION’ an empowerment community to help children and parents deal with bullying.

About Synergixx, LLC
As a leader in the Direct Response industry, Synergixx uses multiple marketing strategies to create a powerful unified campaign. In addition to creative marketing strategies, Synergixx provides a vast network of partners to expand distribution of products and create income streams from many channels. Synergixx maximizes brand names through direct response TV, print, radio, retail and e-commerce. Its network of professionals makes it easy and profitable to propel any product/service into the world of fast-selling infomercials and beyond. Synergixx also produces several Internet radio programs, each hosted by celebrity fitness, beauty, wellness, anti-aging and plastic surgery experts, including “Face Forward with Sarah McNamara,” “On the Radio with Dr. Robert Rey,” and “The Good Life with Forbes Riley and Charlie.” Synergixx representatives can be reached at (800) 610-1771.

ABOUT VoiceAmerica/World Talk Radio, LLC:
World Talk Radio, LLC is the world leader in online media broadcasting and the largest producer and distributor of live internet based talk radio and TV, delivering over 1,000 hours of programming weekly on its VoiceAmerica™ Network ( www.voiceamerica.com) and WorldTalk Radio Network ( www.worldtalkradio.com) as well as live and on-demand video content on VoiceAmerica.TV ( www.voiceamerica.tv). Featuring more than 200 hosts broadcasting to eight niche community based channels: its flagship VoiceAmerica™ Variety Channel, VoiceAmerica™ Health & Wellness Channel, VoiceAmerica™ Business Channel, VoiceAmerica Sports, 7th Wave Channel, The Green Living Channel, VoiceAmerica Kids Channel and World Talk Radio Variety Channel. VoiceAmerica™ TV offers targeted and exclusive video programming channels. World Talk Radio, LLC is one of the pioneers in internet broadcasting, producing and syndicating online audio and video, offering an innovative, effective and comprehensive digital broadcast platform. Digital Publishing through its 10 years of broadcast and media experience along with our seasoned staff of Executive Producers, Production and Host Services Group, World Talk Radio, LLC provides an internet radio and video platform for new, emerging and veteran media personalities to expand and monetize their business and brand in an online digital medium.

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